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Turf Species and Varieties Available in Queensland

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There are a large amount of different turf species and varieties available within the boundaries of Queensland to suit any project in 2018. When checking turf species there is usually a straightforward question to ask yourself that would relate to your project.

  • What type of soil do I have?
  • Is the area exposed to sun or shade?
  • What is the annual rainfall?
  • What do you want the maintenance level to be?
  • Is it drought/cold/salt/shade tolerant?
  • Will the area have a high or low wear requirement?

Below is a list of turf varieties and species provided by Australia’s two main distributors and importers of turfgrass namely Lawn Solutions Australia and Turfbreed. Once the initial turfgrass has been imported and the appropriate research undertaken it is then grown on turf farms across Queensland and released for sale. Most turf producers are aligned with one or the other distributor.

Please contact your nearest Turf Queensland member to obtain quality advice on both supply and installation of the correct turfgrass to suit your project.

Nullarbor Couch Good dense cover- fine dark green blade – low mowing
OZTUFF Australian Couch Wear tolerant – drought resistant – fast recovery
TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Drought tolerant – self repairing – shade & wear tolerant
EMPIRE ZOYSIA Low mowing – water wise – hard wearing
NARA Native Zoysia Drought tolerant – salt tolerant – evergreen – hot climate
PLATINUM Zoysia Japonica Low mowing – hard wearing -most conditions
SIR GRANGE Zoysia Matrella Low mowing – dark green colour – shade & wear tolerant
STOCKADE Zoysia Macarantha Strong growth – shade tolerant – low maintenance
Palmetto soft leaf Low mowing – water wise – hard wearing
Prestige darkest green Amazing winter colour – green all year round
Sapphire soft leaf Very fine -very soft -excellent cosmetic appeal
Sir Walter DNA certified Full sun and shade – water wise – where resistance
EUREKA Strong deep root system -reasonable cold tolerance
KENDRA Handles all kind of wear and tear – good colour all year
Tropical Carpet Grass Economical – 70% shade tolerant – low maintenance