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Green couch hybrids

Scientific name Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis (Cynodon hybrid-a cross between green couch and South African couch)
Characteristics At the coarser end of the scale, the hybrid green couches are still denser and finer-textured than green couch and are used for the same purposes. The very fine-textured hybrid green couches, however, are the primary grasses of choice for golf putting greens and bowling greens because they can be mown very low to produce an even surface with uniform ball roll. All hybrid green couch varieties are sterile (i.e. they are incapable of producing fertile seeds) and must be propagated vegetatively.
  • Coarser textured hybrids-TifEagle, Santa Ana
  • Very fine textured hybrids-Tifgreen, Tifdwarf, Novotek. An overseas variety on trial: Champion Dwarf.
  • Dense, fine textured hybrid: TifSport