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Turf Accreditation Process (TAP)

Turf Queensland “ACCREDITATION” is a transparent process, providing the purchaser confidence and accountability as having met a standard or criterion through improvement in the turf industry.  “ACCREDITATION” provides differentiation and recognition based on achieved competency standards.

What is “TAP”

  • TAP is a third-party audited program with credibility
  • TAP is a business improvement program to benefit the producer
  • TAP provides instant recognition of a quality supplier
  • TAP provides a recognised standard of product to the end user
  • TAP accredited producers provide the all important “RISK PROTECTION” to the consumer
  • TAP accredited producers have an instant marketable competitive advantage

How to specify a Turf Accredited Producer?

  • ask for a copy or to see a copy of their current Turf Accredited Certificate (TAP)
  • Chekc the Turf Queensland website for a list of Accredited Turf Producers
  • Contact Turf Queensland on (07) 3488 0917

Accredited Producers:

Click on the links below to download the forms:

TAP guidelines_2011TAP application form_2011

Terms and Conditions TQ Accreditation April 2011Accreditation Quality Standards Fact Sheet 2nd draft