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Rural Water Use Efficiency (RWUE4)

The Rural Water Use Efficiency (RWUE) initiative is a partnership between Turf Queensland and the Queensland government Department of Environment and Resource Management which aims to improve the use and management of available water, thereby improving the competitiveness, profitability and environmental sustainability of Queensland’s Turf industry through irrigation.  RWUE4 is a continuation of the RWUE3 program.  The current program runs to 2013 and covers rural and regional turf producers throughout Queensland.  The outcomes for this program include:

  • increased engagement and awareness of RWUE4 objectives
  • uptake of water use efficiency levels
  • uptake of energy saving levels
  • on farm assistance and assessments
  • workshops throughout the various regions

On farm assessments are undertaken by a qualified consultant, Pat Daley, DWS Irrigation Services.  Turf producers wishing to avail themselves of this program should either contact Turf Queensland on (07) 3488  0917 or Pat Daley on 0415 186 706.