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Benefits of Natural Turf Grass

With our love and relationship with the outdoors, natural turfgrass lawns are seen as a strong part of what it means to be Australian. A good quality lawn will enhance and add value to your residential property and provide a safe, healthy surface for your family to work, rest and play on. A healthy quality lawn will reduce run-off and can increase water infiltration into your soil. It will also cool the environment around your home

Key Benefits

The Temperature on a green lawn in summer can be 10 degrees less then bare soil. 20 degrees less then asphalt, concrete or pebbles and 40 degrees less then synthetic grass!

Australian Standard 5181 details the use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure. 

Turf improves water quality by filtering run-off water and it reduces greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Open greenspace promotes physical exercise, improves mental health and enhances the sense of community.

With many different types and varieties to choose from, drought tolerant and water efficient options are available. Turf grows well using recycled water and can be more water efficient by the incorporation of compost and/or water saving crystals. 

Who is Turf QLD

The Queensland Turf Producers Association (QTPA) now trading as Turf Queensland, commenced in March 2001 and believed it was timely to represent the growing professional industry of turf production in this state. In so doing a Strategic Development Plan was undertaken to support, in a sustainable professional manner, the growth of turf production as an intensive agriculture sector across Queensland. As the recognised Queensland industry support body for turf production the development of our Core Purpose was undertaken (see below). As is the case with all industry associations the development of member benefits was paramount and addressing the various issues identified by members through the inclusive research of the strategic plan has provided considerable direction for the executive of the Association.

As an integrated industry with over 130 turf grass producers across the state covering 1700 ha and providing a gross state product of $160 million per annum it is critical that we work alongside other related stakeholders, sponsors, research institutions and our members to continue the growth in professionalism and awareness of this key industry supplier to our main pillar industries.

Over the past years Turf Queensland the recognised state industry body, has forged ahead delivering positive benefits to our members. We have undertaken farm visits, provided dedicated turf production workshops, field days and seminars.

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