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  • Turf loves the EnvironmentThe average yard of turf absorbs carbon dioxide, capturing carbon and reducing our greatest greenhouse gas and produces enough oxygen for a family of 4.
  • Turf Loves ExerciseWhen used in open greenspaces Turf allows for healthy communities and helps tackle health problems such as obesity.
  • Turf Loves Stopping Erosion
  •  Turf Loves Lowering Emissions
  •  Turf Loves Being a Natural Product
  • Turf Loves Cooling- The temperature on a green lawn in mid summer is, 10oC less than bare soil, 20oC less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 40oC less than synthetic turf.
  • Turf Loves Making Oxygen
  • Turf Loves Being Adaptable
  •  Turf Loves Using Less Water
  • Turf Loves being the– Turf not only protects houses from bushfires by providing a barrier but also reduces noise, is great for green roofs, improves social health and increases the value of your home buy up to 20% .

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