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Zoysia grasses

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Scientific name Zoysia japonica, Z. matrella, Z. tenuifolia.
Characteristics Form a slow growing, dense, stiff turf. Less drought tolerant, but more shade tolerant (particularly Z. matrella) than green or blue couch. The zoysias form a fine (Z. tenuifolia), fine to medium (Z. matrella) or a medium to coarse (Z. japonica) textured turf.

The zoysia grasses are noted for their extremely high resistance to wear, but are very slow to recover if damaged.

Like green couch and kikuyu grass, the zoysias produce underground rhizomes that will invade adjacent garden beds if not controlled.

Vegetatively propagated cultivars maintain good colour during winter, unlike the older seeded types (of Z. japonica), which are highly winter dormant and will turn brown even where there is no frost.

  • Z. japonica – Palisades
  • Z. tenuifolia – Temple grass

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