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Green couch

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Scientific name Cynodon dactylon
Characteristics Most popular choice for Queensland homeowners and sports fields. It forms an attractive, dense, medium- to fine-textured turf that can be mown short (around 15-30 mm), but requires fertiliser and regular mowing to keep it looking good. Has excellent drought and wear tolerance, but does not tolerate shade (except for a few varieties with moderate shade tolerance). Its below-ground rhizomes help to stabilise the soil, but will also invade adjacent garden beds if not controlled.
  • Oz Tuff TM
  • Greenlees Park
  • Wintergreen
  • Winter Gem
  • Windsor Green
  • LegendTM
  • ConquestTM
  • Grand Prix
  • Hatfield
  • Princess 77
  • CT-2
  • FLoraTeXTM
  • Riley’s Super Sport
  • Plateau
  • An overseas variety on trial: Yukon

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