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Fact Sheets

Case Study Farm 6 Mackay Final Jul2017

Case study Farm 5 Townsville Final Jul2017

Case Study Farm 4 Cairns Final Jul2017

No 34 Water Requirements of Warm Season Turfgrass

No 33 Precision Agriculture Benefits in Turf

No 32 Turf Farm Soil Retention

Farm 1 Case Study FINAL ex NRM 041115

Farm 2 Case Study TQ V3 071115

FARM 3 Case Study Final ex NRM 081115

Case study 007_Natural turfgrass averts environmental disaster

Case study 006 – Delivery vehichle analysis

No 5 CASE STUDY Benefits of LWMP

Case study 003_Monitoring sediment loss in turfgrass production

No 29 Maintenance Warm Season Lawn Care Program

No 28 Benefits of Crop Yield Mapping

No 27 Benefits of On Farm Soil a Mapping – Copy

No 26 Scheduling Irrigation Tool

No 25 Fertigation & Fertiliser Use

No 24 Natural turfgrass benefits

No 23 Save money with irrigation system evaluations

No 22 Solar Power Checklist

No 21 Equipment Efficiency

No 20 Pump Efficiency

Turf Accreditation Process TAP

No 06 Selection of Natural Turfgrass

No 18 Improving soil retention in turfgrass production

No 15 hints for flood recovery grant applications

Determining Soil Texture

Interpretation of Water Analysis

Effects of water quality on plants and soil

Sampling water for quality tests

Land and Water Management Plans – “Turf Production”

Treatment of Flooded Turfgrass

No 05 Facts about natural turfgrass

Facts About Quality Natural Turfgrass

No 05 Benefit of Land & Water Management Plans for the Turf Producer

Conducting Irrigation System Evaluations & How It Can Save You Money

No 03 Top Reasons_Natural Turfgrass

No 02 Soil Tank Benefits

No 01 Turfgrass Biosecurity in Qld

Monitoring Sediment Loss in Turfgrass

Prevent Erosion and Control Soil Sediment Movement with Turf

No 19 Control of Algae Bloom

No 07 Installation of turfgrass

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