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The following issues concerning the future sustainability of the turf industry were raised from surveys and face-to-face interviews undertaken throughout Queensland. Some of the main issues were:

  • increased marketing and awareness of the Queensland turf production industry
  • increased competition and over supply from new entrants (ex sugar and dairy farming)
  • increased demand on water efficiency, management and integration of new regulations
  • the need for increased research and innovation into new market acceptable turf cultivars
  • development of industry accreditation
  • promote education and training to support career path development
  • increased levels of workplace health and safety management
  • increased environmental regulations and its integration and management

The above issues have allowed Turf Queensland to identify future actions that will assist the industry and the Turf Queensland member base.

The Turf Queensland Board is positive that this “Strategic Plan” and three-year “Operations Plan” that has been developed as a result will allow the Queensland turf industry to progress the many issues identified.

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